Family and territorial identity

A history made of dedication, experience, professionalism and passion for the good things . The history of Crispino family is strongly attached to its traditions and land. The idea to use, during the harvest season, the productive excellence of the typical territorial vegetables and transform them into preserved products to eat in every moment of the year, goes back more than half a century. The deep conviction that the value of quality means handmade manufacturing and authentic tasting.  Especially care and attention to the work and customer’s satisfaction. 

How did the idea arise?

Calabria Food’s story started after the Second World War with the aim of rediscovering all the flavors of a traditional tomato puree. In the 50s, the Crispino family emigrated to the North of Italy, leaving behind also the taste of Calabrian tomato and the rite of the tomato paste. Picking tomatoes in the garden, reusing bottles, the participation of the entire family , the warm southerly sun, they’re all elements of a tradition nowadays we lack. That is how the intuitive business idea of two brothers Antonio and Benedetto was born: to produce the same tomato sauce as the one they used to prepare with their mother Maria. Therefore, they decided to return to the native Savuto Valley with the aim of producing Salsa per Amatori, the best tomato sauce in the world, the most delicious and genuine at the same time. Generation after generation, Crispino brothers’ idea con­tinues to be a reality. In the heart of Calabria, in a place named Mangone , for half a century we still employ the same attention to the selection of raw materials, for care and maintenance of a very simple recipe, made only by tomato and basil. A slow and patient processing that respects a tradition of secrets handed down from father to son . Salsa per Amatori is culture. It’s the story of a family and its territory
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